Fever compound syrup :

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Fever compound syrup:



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Aconite 4x, Baptisia 4x, Bryonia 3x,
China sulph 3x, Eucalyptus 2x, Eup.Perf 2x,A
Ferrum phos 8x, Gelsemium 3x.


  • An excellent remedy for both acute, chronic and all kind of fevers.
  • For fever due to pneumonia, bronchitis, Pharyngitis, tonsilitis and sinusitis. Fever involving infections of upper respiratory tract.
  • Fever with rheumatic pains and soreness all over the body.
  • Typhoid fever with gastro-hepatic complications. chills daily at 3pm and associated with painful swelling of veins during a chill. Shivering even at room temperature.
  • Scarlet fever associated with redness of face, sore throat, high grade fever and body ache.
  • For Malaria and endemic fever.
  • In fever there is severe body heat, redness of face, chills, quick and full pulses.
  • Fever is first stage of all inflammatory and infectious diseases. Fever compound is recommended to relief all such fevers.


Adult: two tablespoon or one tablet three times daily.
Children: One teaspoon or one tablet three times daily.


Available in 60ml syrup and 50 Tablets packing.


Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from the reach of children. If symptoms persist consult your physician.



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